Our Mission

The International Women’s Club of Mexico City is an English-speaking club for women from around the world living in Mexico City. We are committed to connecting women and their families to each other, to an array of cultural and social opportunities and to the local community in which we live. Since its inception in 1977 (formerly as The Newcomers Club), the IWCMC has been a continual source of information, friendship, education, and community service for its members.

About Us

Founded in 1977, International Women's Club of Mexico City (formerly Newcomers Club of Mexico City) is a membership based club for the international English speaking community of Mexico City. Our services are designed to help new members and their families acclimate to life in Mexico City, as well as provide a forum for friendship, activity, philanthropy, and cultural enrichment for all members that will last for your entire stay, whether it is one year or ten.

We host events, organize tours, celebrate holidays, and serve
as an information center for you to negotiate life more easily in Mexico City. 

Whether you want to learn local customs, find a veterinarian for 
your pet, or just meet new friends…International Women's Club is the perfect resource for you and your loved ones.

We hope to see you at an International Women's Club event soon!

   IWC Club Bylaws

   To read our bylaws (updated November 2016) download
     one of these documents:

     By Laws Cover Sheet 2016.pdf
   IWCMC Bylaws FINAL ENGLISH 11-16.docx
     IWCMC Spanish bylaws FINAL.doc


International Women's Club of Mexico City AC is a non-profit organization. Paseo de la Reforma 1870, Lomas de Chapultepec, Mexico City

international Women's Club of Mexico City AC

Email: iwccdmxpresident@gmail.com

Office Hours:

10:30 to 12:30 every 1st Wednesday

At Union Church, Room 103

Paseo de la Reforma 1870

Lomas de Chapultepec

Mexico City

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