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Nina Parsons


Nina arrived in Mexico City in March 2017, with her husband and two kiddos. Before coming to Mexico, her family had an 18 month stay in Texas, and prior to that, a few moves on the East coast of the United States. Earlier in life, she lived in Europe and South America too. She has moved frequently as a child and as an adult, so she calls home wherever her husband and kids are.

Nina is Colombian - American. She loves going to new places and learning about cultures. Her background is in finance. When she moved to Mexico, not only did she transition into a new country, but also a new “me”, as she became a full time “home administrator” for the first time. The International Women's Club of Mexico City helped her get plugged in quickly; she made friends and got involved with various projects and activities, which she now treasures as accomplishments. As a lifelong volunteer, she values community service and uses it as a source for education. As President, she wants to continue to offer a rich international community to newcomers and pass on opportunities that allow for a joyful stay in Mexico City.


Ronit Klucznik
Vice President - Events (Co-Chair)

Ronit relocated from South Africa to CDMX with her Argentinian husband Walter, son Kevin and daughter, Anabella in August 2017. She lived in Mexico City briefly for just under a year in 2011 and is grateful to have the opportunity to live in Mexico again.

Ronit worked in Advertising and Marketing, she worked with Entrepreneurs Organization in SA including eight months in Mexico City. Having worked with entrepreneurs for many years, she got the entrepreneurial bug and opened her own Toy business in 2013.

Besides being super busy with her family, Ronit enjoys Pilates, travelling , mosaicing, painting and anything artsy. She loves socialising and meeting new people from all over the world.

Sherri Lukac
Vice President - Events (Co-Chair)

Sherri has been living in Mexico for over 25 years. She is a certified Passion Test Facilitator, Power Yoga Instructor and an accredited Life Coach Professional. She has worked the last 20 years at American Airlines while raising five children. Sherri has a BS degree in exercise physiology from Oregon State University. She was the President of Junior League in Guadalajara, Mexico for over four years. She is an active philanthropist that supports local charities. She has conducted Passion Test Workshops in the United States and Mexico.

Andreina Gonzalez
Vice President - Events (Co-Chair)

Andreina (Andi) was born and raised in Venezuela, but moved to the USA twenty years ago. Her husband’s job has taken them many places: Canada, Peru, Taiwan, India and more recently, Mexico. She's an architect by profession and later in life switched to photography, which was always one of her passions and was more compatible with their lifestyle. She's a mother of two, big animal lover and a vegetarian by conviction.

She really enjoys meeting people and making the best of every place they move to. She thinks that the support that IWC gives to its members by helping them integrate, navigate and discover Mexico is as important as its charitable work.

Reyna Flores
Vice President - Charities (Co-Chair)

Reyna relocated to CDMX from Los Angeles, CA in February of 2017 with her husband, doggy and 10 month old baby, Mateo. Definitely one of the most exciting and rewarding decisions she’s ever embarked on. It didn’t take long before she fell in love with the city and everything it had to offer. Charity work has always been so dear to her heart and she is beyond grateful to have found a place where she can truly have an impact. Reyna studied communications and worked in hospitality up until becoming a full time mommy. On her free time she enjoys spending time with her family, working out, traveling and exploring the rich culture of Mexico City.

Judy Kim
Vice President - Charities (Co-Chair) and Vice President - Operations (Co-Chair)

Judy has lived in Mexico since 2014.  She moved here from chilly Chicago and absolutely loves it here due to the beautiful weather and rich culture. For 14 years, Judy taught 1st and 2nd Grade in both Bilingual and Dual Language classrooms.  Back in college Judy questioned her decision to major in Spanish Literature; she didn't think she would ever speak the language after graduating...boy, was she wrong.  Besides her charity work, Judy keeps busy selling Mexican pottery, crafting, cooking, baking, and spending time with her husband and two Yorkies, Lucha and Mia.  

Courtney Cardona
Vice President - Operations  (Co-Chair)

Courtney relocated to CDMX in July of 2017. She enjoys spending time with her husband and children (15 and 13) while exploring the diverse and beautiful country of Mexico. This is their first ex-pat assignment and she is enjoying every minute of it! She's currently involved with the planning and teaching English at the Las Nieves “orphanage” on Thursdays. Most recently she was a high school Spanish teacher in Atlanta, GA and so she is well versed in planning and preparing details for all aspects of events (and chaos!). Together with her husband they used to host all-day events for up to sixty people in their home in Atlanta about once a month. This is why she feels not only qualified, but also excited to take on the roll of Operations with the IWC.

Alex McCoid
Vice President - Membership  (Co-Chair)

Alex has been living in the fabulous Mexico City or the last 18 months and has loved every minute of this fantastic opportunity. They hope to be posted here for another two years. Alex is from Sydney, Australia and holds two degrees. The first one in Interior Design and the second one in Horticulture/Landscape Design. Yes, she's very creative! Her other passions include hiking, scuba diving, gardening, photography, charity work, cooking, entertaining and socializing.

If elected to the board position of Membership, she hopes to put into place a support system and be a friendly face to the newer members of our club.

Megan Brown
Vice President - Membership  (Co-Chair)

Megan moved to Mexico City from Canada just over a year ago. Prior to moving, she was a Director of Investment at a non profit organization after working at a biotech company, utilizing her education in science and business. When she's not busy raising her two boys, she enjoys traveling and yoga.

Tripthi Sabareesh
Vice President - Finance

Tripthi Sabareesh moved from Shanghai to Mexico City in May 2017 with her two daughters and husband, Sabareesh. This is their fourth expat assignment covering Puerto Rico, Canada, Shanghai, and now Mexico City. Tripthi did her MS in Finance and completed CPA from Indiana, USA. Prior to the international assignments undertaken by her husband she had worked in the field of finance with Hewlett-Packard, Citigroup Financial Services, Dragon Hut LLC, Guggenheim Investment’s and Gannett Co,Inc. She’s a major foodie who is quite adventurous to try different cuisines, loves traveling, and exploring new places and culture with her family. After volunteering for Mom to Moms club in Shanghai Tripthi is excited to help IWC in the new role as VP Finance.

Menna McDonnell
Vice President - Communications (Co-Chair)

Menna (Mac) relocated from London to CDMX in February 2017 with her husband Shane. Menna was born in Egypt, grew-up in Wales, went to university in Nottingham but lived most of her adult life in London. Following a one year Masters in International Business at Queens University Belfast; Menna moved back to London where she worked for the National Health Service in Medical Education. A true explorer at heart, Menna is happiest when she is visiting new countries, eating exotic food, making new friends and enjoying the outdoors. Menna joined the International Women's Club in her first week in Mexico and has not looked back since.

Stefanie de Bruijn
Vice President - Communications (Co-Chair)

Stefanie moved to Mexico City in March 2018 with her Chilean husband, 1-year old son and two dogs. Originally from the Netherlands, she has previously lived in Australia, Hong Kong, the USA, and Chile. However, this is their first expat assignment as a family. Stefanie has a degree in Business Administration with a major in Hospitality Management and previously worked in Revenue Management for an international hotel chain. Apart from her role in communications, she also organizes the IWC playgroup.

Lesan Malana
Vice President - Sponsorship (Co-Chair)

Lesan moved to Mexico City in 2016 with her husband Carlo for his work assignment. Prior to moving here, Lesan lived in Dallas, Texas and worked as a Client Services Manager for an advertising company. She was also part of the Women's Leadership Forum at work and enjoyed collaborating with her female colleagues. Fast forward to 2018, Lesan and Carlo now have a daughter named Gabrielle Celine. In her spare time, Lesan enjoys traveling, trying new restaurants, running and triathlon. 

Lucie Genier
Vice President - Sponsorship (Co-Chair)

Lucie has lived in Mexico City for over four years. She relocated from Shenzhen – China in December 2014 with her husband and two daughters. She studied International Business and worked in a leading IoT company where she was dual-hatted as Communication & Marketing Manager and Customer Representative for Asia-Pacific. She completed a Global MBA during her first three years in Mexico City and now is studying to become a Holistic Health Coach as she is passionate about nutrition and healthy lifestyle in general. Beside her voluntary work with the girls at Las Nieves, Lucie loves to cook and bake on her free time – what does such thing even exist??

Abigail Deering
Vice President - Secretary

Abigail relocated to Mexico City in October 2012 to join her then fiancé, Floris. They got married in Playa del Carmen and started their family here in CDMX where their two daughters were born. Abigail went to undergraduate at Yale and earned her J.D. at Cornell. Abigail is originally from Maine and was practicing law in-house at an international investment bank in New York City before transferring to its Mexico City office, where she continues today. In addition to her work, Abigail is passionate about volunteering, her family, travel and making lifetime memories with her two girls at Walt Disney World.

Geraldine Brown
Vice President - Bazaar

Geraldine is the only Mexican in the group, happily married to Mike from England. She has a degree in Business Administration and 2 Diplomas (Administration of Material Resources and Public Policies). She spent a year in boarding school in Atchison, Kansas and one in year London, where she studied a business course. She has worked in the government and private companies.

Geraldine spends part of her time in her hometown where she is involved in family business. She loves to paint oil and acrylic and has participated in several painting exhibitions with her paintings. 

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